Crystal Clear Complete Cleaners


The image that your business gives to potential customers says alot about how your company operates- “first impressions are everything”. And as the windows on your commercial building are usually one of the first things that are seen when people come to your place of business, it only makes sense to make sure that they are sparkling clean all the time.

With Crystal Clear Complete Cleaning, you’ll no longer need to even think about when the windows should be cleaned because we take care of that for you. We will work with you to determine the best frequency of cleaning to ensure that your windows are always in top shape. Once that is set up, the cleaning of your windows will simply be on auto-pilot, giving you one less thing to always have to worry about. We always show up ready-to-go on the designated cleaning day and present you with an invoice upon completion.


Crystal Clear specializes in top-quality residential window cleaning. We have created window cleaning packages for our residential customers that vary from a light maintenance clean to the very deepest of window cleanings. We also do clean screens and frames

When we say we detail tracks and frames, we mean we actually open the windows and remove all the visible dirt. This is not just a quick wipe down! We first open the window and loosen any debris that has settled in the tracks of the windows. This is followed by vacuuming out all of that dirt. But we don’t leave it at that, after vacuuming, we then thoroughly spray all parts of the tracks and frames with our cleaning solution and detail all parts with a clean, dry rag. The results will speak for themselves, but we can assure you that your tracks and frames will be looking brand new.

We will beat or match any competitors price!


Our Guaranteed Glass Cleaning Process

The glass is cleaned by first scrubbing the whole surface of the glass with our window cleaning solution in order to loosen and suspend all dirt into the water. Next, with one smooth motion, we use our squeegee to take all of the cleaning solution off of the glass. The edges of the glass and frames are then detailed with a clean dry cloth. And presto, your glass is left completely transparent and streak-free, even in the direct sunlight!

Power Washing

Want to get the most out of your home appearance?

Crystal Clear offers reliable  power washing for your home . We also offer our deluxe service which consists of  power washing your home and then cleaning all your windows after.

We also Power Wash decks and drive ways.

 All work is guaranteed to make you happy that you called us to handle the job.

Please make your home shine.

Free quotes on all power washing.

We will beat or match any competitors price!


Are dirty windows getting you down?  Let the pros at Crystal Clear help brighten
the look of your home today!  We use the best professional products and tools
available to give you clean, streak free, sparkling windows;
guaranteed!  We clean all glass surfaces, Sky Lights, Mirrors, Patio Tables, Deck Glass,
We could even do your car windows. 800-826-3924

Screen Cleaning

We won’t hide a clean window behind a dirty screen.  We hand wash both
sides of your screens with a safe and effective 100% biodegradable soap, then
carefully re install them when dry.  We also repair ripped or missing screens, so
if your family pet scratched one too many times on your screen give us a call.

Light Fixture & Ceiling Fan Cleaning

Got a pile of fuzz and allergens sitting on your ceiling fans?  Let us bring in a
ladder and clean them for you.
Hard to reach light fixtures are no problem.  We can do a light dusting or a thorough cleaning.
We can also change hard to reach light bulbs inside or out side your home.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutters are an important part of your roof, but they may be causing problems if they are clogged with leaves and debris. Backed up gutters can actually cause damage to your house as the water may end up flowing where it is not supposed to go.

Crystal Clear will inspect your entire gutter system for free! Just call and ask us for a free gutter cleaning estimate and we will climb onto your roof and see what kind of condition they are in. We will then present you with an detailed estimate and point out the areas that need to be cleaned. On average, the cost is around $1 per foot.

If the gutters are in need of cleaning, you can rest assure that Crystal Clear can safely and effectively complete the task. We will first scoop up all of the debris and put it into trash bags. Then we will check your downspouts by spraying water down from the top to make sure that there is nothing obstructing the flow. We will finish up by rinsing out any light dirt that may still be remaining. You are left with gutters as clean as when they were installed!